Friday, May 18, 2012

that awkward depth

I enjoy swimming in my local lakes and I've been doing so as long as I can remember. Lake swimming has some great advantages. It doesn't dry me out as much as a chlorinated pool, and it lacks the jellyfish, surf, undertow, heavy chop that you find in the great blue sea. By far the most dangerous thing in a New England lake is a teenager with a ski boat. A kayak escort offers pretty good protection from that guy though. There is one more downside to the lake. Lakemuck. There's shallow lakemuck and deeper lakemuck. Now I find that I can handle the shallow stuff pretty well. The stuff that starts just off shore and stays more or less the same until a depth of about six feet or so. Then comes the awkward depth. Where the actual bottom disappears and all you can see under you is long strands of weeds stretching up in your general direction. Now the fact of the matter is there is nothing down there that is all that dangerous. An old fishhook, maybe. An old glass coke bottle hidden away since long before I was born (I have in fact found a few of those) Maybe, maybe, there there could be a snapping turtle hiding out down there but even that is not terribly threatening. So then what's the big deal? Well the fact of the matter is lakeweeds are icky. Slimy and icky. I want to get past that awkward depth as quickly as possible.

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