Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday strength training

This picture shows how I finished my workout today.
No it's not a deck of cards. It's half a deck of cards. 
The tear started off center, probably because of the duct tape, which made it much harder to finish the tear. 23 cards. That is as many as I've ever done at once. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Map

I rather liked the little map I had last year. So I decided to do another one. So far I'm staying in my region of the U.S. That is now 7 states (they are really small on the map)

2013 Open Water

For the beginning of the new year I will take a little time summarize my 2013 season and think a little bit about next year.

My 2013 open water season:

The Great Hudson River Swim (cancelled due to weather)
The Great Chesapeake Bay Bridge Swim
Stage 3 Of the 8 Bridges Swim
The Lake Willoughby Swim (didn't swim due to injury)
The Lake George 10k (didn't swim due to injury)
The Lake Moreau Swims
The Little Red Lighthouse Swim
The Newport Sharkfest Swim

Not as many events as 2012.  And a different mix of locations.  I am counting Newport Harbor as an ocean swim, even though it is one of the most enclosed pieces of ocean to be found.