Friday, May 18, 2012


I've just got to love cross training. My focus is on swimming and it absorbs a lot of work. But I am a believer in cross training. I do my run once a week. Same loop every week. Four point six miles. It goes something like this:
Run to the end of my road
Hang a right
Run uphill for about a mile
Run downhill for about a mile
Run about 350 yards up a steep hill
Run down a steep hill neighborhood of 400 yards
Hang another right
Run home

I think this run has character. And the cool part is even though I am only running it once a week I seem to be getting faster. Of course since I am not that fast to begin with there is plenty of room for me to get faster. Which is actually kind of a bonus. I could keep my run going all year and keep getting faster at about the same rate I have been for the last two months. And at the end of that time I might qualify as moderately fast.

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