Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sets for the rest

I read about several groups of swims in my swimmer magazine a few months ago. Like the triple crown of swimming, ocean's seven. And then I started reading more about the specifics of those swims. A runner could aspire to qualify for the Boston Marathon. This is a very impressive feat and probably beyond the ability of the majority of people who have completed a marathon. And yet the majority of the people who have accomplished this goal are not world class athletes. Any outdoorsy type might try to climb every mountain over 4000 feet in NY state (of which I think there are 40) This a far cry from climbing the tallest mountain on every continent, but still a nice goal that gives you 40 potentially great hikes with all the accompanying scenery and greenery. The point here is that I'd like some sets of swims for guys like me. I might never attempt a channel crossing but what if I could complete a 10k in every great lake? Anyway, since there are no such groupings, that I can find so far, I plan to make them up as I go along.

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