Monday, April 30, 2012


I just love my monday workout. Warm up, one work set, cool down and done. 2000 yards. 30-40 minutes. Monday is speed work and I am definitely making progress. In December I could barely manage 5x100 on 1:45. Today I did 15x100 on 1:40. The deal I made with myself is when I can make 17x100 on a given interval I knock 5 seconds off and start over. 1:35 sounds fast and intimidating. But it looks like I will get there.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


It is now 4 weeks until my first official open water event and I still haven't been in any of my local lakes since last September. Water temp was 50 yesterday and I just chickened right out. I promised myself that once the water goes 60+ I'm going in. All pool for a while longer.

Morning workouts

Note to self: When you wake up in the morning you are slightly dehydrated. Drink water before you head over to the pool and swim for two hours. Maybe then you won't feel so pathetic.