Sunday, September 29, 2013

Newport Sharkfest

Who: Enviro-Sports
What: The Inaugural Newport Sharkfest Swim
When: Sep 28, 2013
Where: Newport Harbor, Newport RI
Why: Because I wanted to stretch my season an extra week.
How Far: 1500M
Official Water Temp: 62

The original sharkfest is an Alacatraz swim. There are now several sharkfests in a handful of cities around the U.S.

This is my last open water event for the 2013 season. Training for the 2014 season starts today.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Little Red Lighthouse

Who: NYCSwim
What: The Little Red Lighthouse Swim
When: Saturday, Sep 21 2013
Where: The Hudson River, New York, NY
Why: Because, apparently,  I haven't had enough of the Hudson yet.

Since the weather stopped the Great Hudson River swim at the beginning of the summer I had High Hopes for the Little Red Lighthouse. This event was everything I hoped it would be.

The first wave was scheduled to start at 7:15 am. But more importantly, check-in was over at 6:30. With a two hour drive, plus a little time to park and grab some breakfast on the way down, my day started at 3:30. This turned out not to be a problem.

Monday, September 16, 2013

1500 extra long meters

The 1500 was the first race at lake Moreau. I walked over from the campsite on the other side of the lake. There were only six people swimming. No wetsuits. I thought that was interesting because in this event there are no separate divisions. I didn't get an official water temperature but I think it was about 70-71. We started from the water line. Plenty of room so we were not crowded at the start. For a few seconds at the start I was ahead of everyone. I think I just ran in faster. One guy caught up and passed me before we got to the first buoy. 
I could tell There was no way I was staying with him so I let him go. Then right after the first buoy one of the ladies started to pull ahead of me. Normally I just swim my own race and I don't worry about everyone else. But just this once I decided to race. She opened more of a lead on the way to the second buoy. But I got a better line, so when I came around the second buoy I was just a few body lengths behind. She started to open up a little more distance but she had a little bit of zig.
We rounded the third buoy, probably just over halfway through the race. By now I was convinced she was just a little faster than me but I was reliably swimming straighter. So I stopped paying attention to her and made my best line for the fourth buoy. It worked. About fifty yards short of the buoy she fell in directly in front of me. I tried not to tap her toes as enjoyed the draft. Coming out of the turn I rode the draft for another minute and then started moving up. I swam on the outside shoulder to hip and then shoulder to shoulder. We came to the fifth and final buoy. I let her have the inside line, like a gentleman, and then did a reasonable approximation of a sprint into shore. 
We came in at 34:45 and 34:46
Turns out the course was long

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lake Moreau

Who: Green Leaf Racing
What: Moreau Lake Races
When: September 8, 2013
Where: Lake Moreau State Park, Ganesvoort NY
Why: To get back in the game

So this turned out to me my first repeat swimming event this year. Meaning the first swim from last year that I managed to do again this year. It is a fun event, I'm glad I came back. There was a bit of a gap in my training in the last few weeks, which I will be writing about, so it was nice to get back in for a race.
The Lake Moreau races include a 15k run, a 1.5k swim, a 3k swim and an aquathlon (1.5k swim 5k run)
For reference the 15k run seems to be a brutally hard course.